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Organizations are finding it very difficult to attract, nurture and retain right kind of talent ensuring the organizational growth. Smart-Office provides comprehensive HR Solutions through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of your organization. Our customized HR Solutions are formulated based on organization needs hence, they are best suited for the business. As an end to end HR consulting firm we support your growth & eliminate all your worries by eliminating your non core activities. TheHR24 outsourcing gives businesses the option of delegating human resource related assignments, such as benefits administration, payroll, recruiting, training, and other employee management tasks, to a team of TheHR24 professionals, instead of hiring internal HR staff.

Our Features

TheHR24 provides organizations with high-end HR management and expertise that generally costs 50% less than maintaining an in-house HR department.Each client is paired with TheHR24 Consultant who serves as their HR Director and is a resource to both management and staff. TheHR24 Consultant are onsite at the client location each week to work with staff and management. In addition, TheHR24 has a team of professionals with specific expertise in HR disciplines such as: compensation analysis, benefits management, HR strategy, employee relations and development, onboarding, performance management, corporate culture and compliance.

Our Awesome Team

We believe that Experience combined with Energy makes a team complete. Our management team comprises of members with almost a Decade of Industry experience in various fields, combined with core software & HR industry knowledge of total 10+ years. We also have young and energitic workforce of 30+ employees (direct/indirect), striving to provide satisfactory services all over INDIA and outside..


Mr. Amit

Project Leader

Mrs. Megha

Product Manager

Mr. D. Acharya

Associate Manager

Mrs. Preeti

Software Architect

Mr. Suresh


Mrs. Anvi

Business development Manager

Mr. Ashish

Product manager

Mr. Sudhindra

Product Manager

Benefits of Services

Consulting for Accounting compliance, as required.
Accounting of employee expense reimbursements.
Fixed assets accounting, maintaining register of Fixed Assets.
Payments to suppliers and providing reports of accounts payable. (We will initiate transaction for payments to vendor)
Tax compliances: Proper accounting of transactions in compliance with requirements of tax deduction at source (TDS).
Financial and Operating MIS reports. Preparation of financial reports including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Receivables and Payables Statements with age analysis. Operating MIS reports tracking relevant parameters as per your requirements.
General ledger report for each month end. Monthly MIS report, report of employee reimbursements. Entries for PF / PT / TDS/ ESIC/ LWF and other specific provisions required at year end.
Right from book-keeping to managing detailed accounting MIS, paying vendors, bank reconciliations, financial consolidations, Paysquare does it all.
Keep your business updated! For you business owners, and your staff, the government takes note and has an announcement! Presented to you by TheHR24 Outsourcing Services.
Here Some Points to know about Reduction in Statutory rate of EPF Contribution from 12% to 10%. What is revised rate of EPF contribution announced by the Central Govt. under Atmanirbhar Bharat package? Under this package the statutory rate of EPF contribution of both employer......
Retirement fund body EPFO has decided not to impose any penalty for delay in payment of employees’ provident fund contributions by firms during the nationwide lockdown. Since the imposition of lockdown on March 25 by the government to contain the COVID-19 spread, businesses have been..
A crucial role that HR plays within your organization is- employee onboarding. Also known as the hiring process! Once you identify the project requirements, you don’t want to hire randomly do you! This is where a Background Verification Check Service comes into importance. At TheHR24.
Formulating Various Policies Such As POSH, Maternity, Gratuity, Bonus Etc.

Our Services

Recruitment, Training, and Development

Intranet design, development, deployment and maintenance People selection to role fitment (psychometric assessments) Payroll (incl. statutory compliance) management People Performance Management System People Learning & Development System People Mobility Management (transfers, deputation, business travels) People Engagement Survey

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Payroll & Admin Services

Prepare & release offer letters Employee induction & orientation to augmentation HR Automation or Manual – Manage Attendance, Leave, Payroll Statutory compliance (PF, ESI) Training Management Performance Appraisal process management Exit management including final settlement

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HR Lease

HR leasing is a more popular, the choice of smart entrepreneurs all over the world. No need for getting an update on the legal and federal laws associated with the Employment and Labor Laws. HR lease will implement their own.

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Human Resource Information System

HR capacity analysis & planning, as per business needs Defining & designing organization tree Job Description Enabling internal resource augmentation Facilitate talent sourcing to hiring Set robust recruitment & selection process Close offers and enable earliest joining of potential employees Hiring through HR automation for relevant selection and predictive analysis

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HR Audit & Compliance

HR capacity analysis & planning, as per business needs Defining & designing organization tree Job Description Enabling internal resource augmentation Facilitate talent sourcing to hiring Set robust recruitment & selection process Close offers and enable earliest joining of potential employees Hiring through HR automation for relevant selection and predictive analysis

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Employee Productivity Management

Business / Personal Leadership Programs Managerial Development Programs Coaching & Mentoring on specific area Behavioral development programs Soft skill development programs Technical skill development programs

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Our Unique Approach – Mastering the Process

The needs of our clients and prospects are our fundamental concern. We recognize that there are a vast array of technology solutions. The demand for integrated HR, Benefits and Payroll technologies is where the industry is headed. The concept of a uniform “web based” platform to achieve all of this and help HR with compliance issues is what your clients are looking for. The correct choice requires accurate analysis of your client’s needs and objectives. TheHR24 is the industry leader when it comes to recognizing those needs and matching the right technology solution to the situation. In addition, we stay involved if you choose and help with the implementation of the product.

HR Technology Audit

We would want to entirely understand your existing structure and what you would like to achieve with anew system. We will go through a thorough analysis of your processes and systems you are using now. We will make certain any system you consider has full integration with all components to ensure that all systems are seamless and communicate with each other..

RFP (Request for Proposal)

to review which vendors that conceivably could be a match. We access the entire marketplace of payroll, HRIS, and Benefits administration vendors. It is a very crowded marketplace with many vendors ; we can assist you in narrowing down the list to only those that are qualified and what your needs and desires are.

Analyze all proposals

from a group of potential vendor partners-we will compare all of the responses from potential vendors/systems and lay out an analysis that you can understand and confidently scrutinize.

Scheduling of all demo’s

We will do all scheduling with those vendors/systems .We will do the matching of schedules for efficiency. It is important to see the systems functioning and establish what you like and don’t like within each system. We can help you compare important differences according to functionality.

We assist in the decision making process

We will make sure the system you prefer meets your stated objectives and that each vendor can meet the implementation timeline agreed upon in the needs assessment.


Web & Mobile Specialties

Multi location attendance integration is one of the biggest challenge. Different locations have different requirements and local shades. Manage Time & Attendance all your branches from headoffice. We offer push data technology which data is available to both at the same time. No extra accumulation, uploading and reporting of data is required.

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Intuitive Thinkers

After conversations with many CEOs and executive teams, most agree that honing your intuitive thinking is no longer optional. Most leaders recognize this sobering reality. They know that intuition’s fallibility must be balanced with appropriate analysis. We must nonetheless improve the quality of our intuition if we wish to succeed.

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Our Blog


Employee Care via Time & Attendances

Ham Brook Jan 18, 2019 News

Time is money. This is a famous proverb which must have been seen or heard by everyone. But, for any organization time is an important component which can be used to measure employee productivity as well as employee satisfaction. With dedicated human resources management system coming in place, time & attendance feature is a tool which needs to be used decisively..

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Benefits of Biometric Security

James Phelps Jan 18, 2019 News

A growing number of businesses are adopting biometric technology in the workplace. Whether it is to accurately monitor the attendance records of employees, or to ensure that only authorised staff members get access to the building, biometric security can add that extra layer of security and protection..

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James Phelps Jan 18, 2019 News

Once you have your new hires, they need to be guided through your organization’s onboarding and induction procedures. This process can benefit from automation, significantly reducing the burden on both managers and the HR team: new recruits can be ‘introduced’ to the necessary people and to the organization itself; there may be automatic notifications to relevant departments for issues such as building access, user accounts, security passes, etc. In an ideal system, the onboarding functions also interface with the performance and talent management modules..

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